Features & Benefits

An Evomax 2 Cascade is a modern, efficient solution for installations requiring higher outputs. Not only does it offer flexibility, it can often create space in a plant room by taking up a smaller footprint.

Standard Height Inline or Back to Back Cascades can be up to 6 boilers (maximum output of 900kW) whilst Low Height Inline Cascade can be up to 4 boilers (maximum output of 600kW).

Hydraulic separation is vital when installing new condensing boilers onto an existing system. Our new range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are suitable for all possible Evomax 2 Cascade combinations, providing complete Primary Circuit separation.

The optional Varican module allows integrated Cascade control. This simple plug in card gives you the ability to sequence and cascade boilers independently without a complex Building Management System.

  • Inline, Back to Back and Low Height options
  • Maximum outputs of 900kW (600kW for Low Height)
  • Range of 7 Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for hydraulic separation
  • Low Loss Headers options
  • Integrated Cascade control via optional Varican modules
  • Optional Extension module kit to manage 2 mixing circuits
  • Fits easily through standard doorways
  • Grundfos pump kits available
  • Badge Com British Manufacturing BRITISH MANUFACTURING
  • Badge Com Erp ErP COMPLIANT
  • Badge Com Nox NOx CLASS 6
  • Badge Com Bim BIM

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