Evomax 2 Cascade Configurator

Are you unsure what products you need for a Evomax 2 Cascade for your project? The Evomax 2 Cascade Configurator is designed to make your life easier. Not only does it offer flexibility but it can often create space in a plant room by taking up a smaller footprint. The Evomax 2 Cascade is perfect for installations that require more output delivered in a flexible way, as up to six Evomax 2 boilers can be installed in a Cascade. Available in both Inline (standard and low height) and back to back arrangements and with a range of brazed plate heat exchangers also available, the configurator can help ensure you have everything you need for an efficient heating system.

What is a cascade system? 

Boiler cascade systems consist of multiple boilers linked together, which can respond more efficiently to changing heat loads whilst also being easier to size for specific building needs. They ensure flexibility as each boiler can adjust its operating capacity in line with demand. 

If your proposed system moves away from cascade operating conditions or you would prefer to speak with an Ideal Commercial advisor, please contact your local Ideal Heating Commercial Business Development Manager


Simply answer a couple of questions about the project you are working on and all the items you need for your Evomax 2 Cascade will be listed on screen. You can also have the list emailed to you.

Please note, if you select Plate Heat Exchanger as Hydraulic Separation that the Plate Heat Exchangers are referred to by their nominal duty when operating under 80/60°C primary and 70/50°C secondary which gives a 10°C approach temperature (e.g. difference between primary return and secondary return). For example, a 450kW Plate Heat Exchanger may be more suited to a boiler installation having 300kW thermal input due to the operating conditions. 

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Installation Details
Number of boilers ${ numberOfBoilers }
Frame Height ${ label('frameHeight') }
Gas Type ${ label('gasType') }
Highest Single Output ${ highestBoilerOutput }kW
Total Output ${ highestBoilerOutput * numberOfBoilers }kW
Arrangement ${ label('headerType') }
Hydraulic Separation Required ${ separationTypeBoolean ? separationTypeBoolean.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + separationTypeBoolean.slice(1) : null }
Form of Separation ${ label('separationType') }
Isolation ${ label('isolation') }
Insulation Required ${ insulationTypeBoolean ? insulationTypeBoolean.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + insulationTypeBoolean.slice(1) : null }
QTY UIN Boiler Description Fuel Type
${ numberOfBoilers } ${ requirements.boilerUIN } ${ requirements.boilerDescription } ${ label('gasType') }
QTY UIN Frame Description Type
${ numberOfBoilers } ${ requirements.frameUIN } ${ requirements.frameDescription } ${ capitalize(frameHeight) }
QTY UIN Header Description Type
1 ${ requirements.headerUIN } ${ requirements.headerDescription } ${ label('headerType') }
QTY UIN Separation Description Type
1 ${ requirements.separationUIN } ${ requirements.separationDescription } ${ separationType.toUpperCase() }
QTY UIN Isolation Description Type
${ requirements.isolation == 'both' ? 2 : 1 } ${ requirements.isolationUIN } ${ requirements.isolationDescription } ${ separationType.toUpperCase() }
QTY UIN Pump Description Type
${ numberOfBoilers } ${ requirements.pumpUIN } ${ requirements.pumpDescription } ${ separationType ? separationType.toUpperCase() : 'LLH' }
QTY UIN Insulation Description Type
${ item[0] } ${ item[1] } ${ item[2] } ${ item[3] }
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