Commercial Condensing Boilers products

  • Evomax2 Preview Square

    Evomax 2

    The Evomax 2 range of wall hung condensing boilers is made up of 13 models with outputs from 30 to 150kW

    • Wall hung
    • Natural Gas or LPG
    • Aluminium heat exchanger
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  • Evomax 2 Cascade Cut Out Website Preview

    Evomax 2 Cascade and PHEX

    Evomax Frame and Header Kits are suitable for modular (Cascade) boiler installations up to a maximum output of 900kW

    • In-line arrangement, standard or low height
    • Back-to-back arrangement
    • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers or Low Loss Headers available
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  • Imax Xtra2 Front Preview

    Imax Xtra 2

    The Imax Xtra 2 range of floor standing condensing boilers is made up of 6 models with outputs from 80 to 280kW

    • Floor Standing
    • Natural Gas
    • Aluminium heat exchanger
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  • Imax Xtra El Preview

    Imax Xtra EL

    The Imax Xtra EL range of condensing boilers is made up of 10 models with outputs from 320 to 1240kW

    • Floor standing
    • Natural Gas
    • Aluminium heat exchanger
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  • Evomod Preview


    The Evomod range of condensing modular boilers is made up of 4 models with outputs from 250 to 1000kW

    • Floor standing
    • Natural Gas
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger
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  • Evojet Preview F


    The Evojet range of condensing pressure jet and blown gas boilers is made up of 14 models with outputs from 150 to 3000kW.  

    • 4 new models: 1750kW, 2100kW, 2600kW and 3000kW
    • 14 models in total with outputs from 150kW to 3000kW
    • Space saving alternative to larger cascades of multiple smaller boilers
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  • Evomax 2 On Frame Header Kit Cutout


    We stock a full range of accessories and ancillary parts making installing our commercial condensing boilers quick and easy. All supplied with market leading availability.   

    • Frame and header kits - standard or low height frames, or mount on a wall
    • Hydraulic separation: low loss headers - traditional or magnetic
    • Brazed plate heat exchangers for complete system separation
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