Everything you need to know about District Heating in one place

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been investigating the huge potential of district heating to help the UK hit its net zero goal. Let’s look back at what we’ve learned.

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An adaptable Low carbon solution

One of the key reasons why district heating networks will be so central to the UK’s net zero strategy is because they are so versatile. They are suitable for al...

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District Heating: What it is and how it works

District heating doesn’t make the news much, but it should have a much higher profile. In the years ahead district heating systems, also known as heat networks, could be heating millions of UK homes, so isn’t it time we got to know them better?

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Got your back: A heat network partner for every project

​While many heating engineers and installers will have worked on heat networks before and are familiar with the technology, we recognise that for others, they are completely new.

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