Features & Benefits

The ECOMOD range of monobloc air source heat pumps come in six outputs: 
14kW, 18kW, 26kW, 32kW, 50kW and 70kW.

  • Monobloc air source heat pumps
  • Single unit with the refrigeration cycle contained within the outdoor unit
  • Low global warming potential due to the use of R32 refrigerant
  • Inverter controlled compressor to accurately match the heat demand
  • Highly efficient with co-efficiency of performance (COP) ratings
  • Lightweight and compact for ease of delivery and installation***
  • Suited to larger installations - cascade up to seven units from external controller (sold separately)
  • Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating as standard**
  • 14kW single phase unit available - suitable for sites without access to 3 phase electricity, e.g.: care homes, community halls, etc
  • Combine with Ideal industry leading boilers for a hybrid heating system

* 2 year warranty extended to 5 years if commissioned by Ideal Heating.

** Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating standard on 14kW & 18kW models, anti-corrosion coating on other models available, as optional extra.

*** 14kW, 18kW, 26kW & 32 kW models.

  • R32 Badge Low Environmental Impact
  • Properties Badge Suitable for Commercial Properties
  • Badge Com 5Yr Warranty 5 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Badge Erp Rated ErP RATED
  • Dba Badge Low Noise Level
  • Cop Badge Highly Efficient

Optional Kits

  • External controller required (sold separately)
  • Flexible hoses
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet
  • Anti-corrosion coating (for installations close to the sea) **

Heat Pump Warranty Terms & Conditions

Heat Pump Warranty Terms & Conditions

Ideal Heating Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Warranty Terms And Conditions

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