New ECOMOD Natural Refrigerant Commercial Heat Pumps, with ultra-low GWP

We are delighted to announce the launch of our next generation ECOMOD heat pumps, with natural refrigerant.  The first to be released this year is the ECOMOD 290HT, with ECOMOD CO2 to follow.

The ECOMOD 290HT is a monobloc air source heat pump able to achieve high temperatures up to 75°C, whilst benefitting from an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of just three as a result of the use of R290 natural refrigerant.  An ultra-low GWP is not only good for the planet, but also makes commercial sense as high GWP refrigerants become increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive.

Available in three chassis sizes and five outputs from 15kW through to 50kW, ECOMOD 290HT has been specifically designed for use in larger commercial buildings and can be used in cascade to achieve even higher outputs.  This latest generation of heat pumps can also be installed alongside other Ideal Heating commercial solutions, such as our wall mounted EVOMAX 2 and the IMAX XTRA 2 commercial condensing boilers, to build a low carbon hybrid heating system.

With its ability to achieve high temperatures up to 75°C, ECOMOD 290HT is ideal for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) applications and district heating systems.  Furthermore, with potentially no need to upgrade radiators with the ECOMOD 290HT, it is a practical, cost-effective solution for retrofit installations.

ECOMOD 290HT comes with a high efficiency rating and high co-efficient of performance (CoP) rating of up to 4.94.  The heat pumps also include an inverter-controlled compressor to accurately match the heat demand based on the specific requirements, further enhancing the efficiency of a building.  ECOMOD 290HT heat pumps are quiet in operation, with noise levels as low as 64dB(A).

ECOMOD 290HT models all represent the output at Air 7°C and Water 35°C.

“We have led the way in commercial heating by ensuring our heating products are at the forefront of technology, quality and design by delivering both high efficiency and low running costs” comments Chris Caton, Product Director – Commercial.  “This latest, innovative addition to our ECOMOD heat pump range, featuring natural refrigerants with ultra-low GWP, will ensure our customers have the best and most advanced solutions for heating and hot water, while helping businesses in the UK on their journey to Net Zero.”

All ECOMOD 290HT heat pumps come with a five-year warranty when commissioned by Ideal Heating.  We are the only manufacturer to offer a free of charge commissioning service across our full range of commercial ECOMOD heat pumps and condensing boilers, saving customers time and money, and ensuring appliances are correctly commissioned and operating.

To find out more visit: ECOMOD 290HT natural refrigerant commercial heat pumps

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