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Introducing Evomax 2

Evomax 2 features updated controls including a new cascade control option and a built in non-return valve within its evolved aesthetic design. It also has improved access for even easier maintenance and a lift weight reduced by up to 10%.

Accompanying Evomax 2 are new Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, designed especially for multiple boiler cascades. Evomax 2 cascades can now produce outputs of up to 900kW.

As well as these improvements, Evomax 2 is designed and built in the UK for the UK market.

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Updated controls

The new controls suite maintains the familiar interface loved by engineers and specifiers and adds a dynamic menu structure, which automatically senses the number of Evomax 2 boilers in operation and only displays the relevant functions.

Built in non-return valve

A critical safety feature for common flue installations which both reduces cost and overall height of an installation compared to an externally fitted unit now comes as standard.

Improved access for even easier maintenance

3 sides of Evomax 2’s redesigned chassis can be removed, offering significantly better access for ongoing servicing and maintenance.

New cascade controls

The optional Varican module allows integrated Cascade control. This simple plug in card gives you the ability to sequence and cascade boiler independently without a complex Building Management System.

Up to 10% reduced lift weight

We’ve learnt a lot about using composite materials in our boilers and Evomax 2 makes great use of that knowledge. Lower lift weight will make installation easier.

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Download Resources

Key Evomax 2 Documents

Click here to download Evomax 2 documents such as installation manuals and spec sheets.

  • Installation Manuals
  • Spec Sheets

New Cascade Options and Plate Heat Exchangers

More options for multiple boiler installations

For installations requiring more output delivered in a flexible way, up to 6 Evomax 2 boilers can be installed in a Cascade. An output of up to 900kW is possible with this modular option which is available in both Inline (Standard and Low Height) and Back to Back arrangements. A range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is also available. Click here to find out more.

Choosing what you need is straightforward. Choose Frames, choose a Header, choose Hydraulic Separation, choose Pumps and choose Insulation. Click here to use our Evomax 2 Cascade Configurator.

  • Standard Height Cascade up to 900kW
  • Low Height Cascade up to 600kW
  • Insulation
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers 60 - 900kW
  • Magnetic Low Loss Header

What’s not changed

Evolution not revolution

  • Same proven reliability
  • Same UK design & manufacturing
  • Same size & connections

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