What does it take to be the number 1 wall mounted commercial boiler?

With the games in Paris this summer, and sports persons the world over competing to be the best in their field, what does it actually take to be number one?  Talent, for sure.  Dedication and commitment.  A team of experts behind you.  And top notch facilities.

The Evomax 2 is the UK’s number one wall mounted commercial condensing boiler.  It outsells every other comparable boiler in the UK.  And whilst Evomax 2 isn’t a gold medal sports winner, it is an award winning product with excellent features, designed and manufactured in the UK, with an incredible team supporting it. 

This is what it takes to make it to the number 1 spot in commercial condensing boilers:

Commercial boilers with excellent operation

Evomax 2 is a highly efficient commercial boiler solution, designed for reliable performance.  It has up to 99.6% full load efficiency and up to 110% part load efficiency, is capable of operating at up to 30° Δ T, and boasts a high turndown of 5:1. 

Wide commercial boiler output range

Evomax 2 is available with outputs from 30-150kW, but this can be increased to 900kW using six Evomax 2 boilers installed in a cascade.  Cascade accessories, including frame and header kits and brazed plate heat exchangers, plus our highly popular online Cascade Configurator, make the design and specification of a cascade boiler system very straightforward. 

Easy wall mounted installation, commissioning & maintenance

Evomax 2 wall mounted boiler is light weight, making it easy to handle, and features a dynamic control menu for set up.  FREE commissioning is readily available through our excellent team of engineers, saving you time and money, and activating the free five year warranty*. And we haven’t forgotten about ease of maintenance.

Why are low emissions important?

NOx <40mg/kWh (Class 6) is achieved for all Evomax 2 natural gas boilers.

UK manufactured - built to last!

Manufactured with robust cast aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger, Evomax 2 has durability and longevity.

Market leading availability

Evomax 2 is UK manufactured and has market leading availability.  Our manufacturing facilities are in Hull, and we hold substantial stock, so when you order an Evomax 2 wall hung commercial boiler – or any of our products - you can be sure of delivery without delay. 

To get a quote on the Evomax 2 range of boilers click here. 

*To qualify for the full warranty, the appliance must be commissioned within three months of the installation date.

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