The ECOMOD CO2 & CO2Q range of monobloc air source heat pumps come in three outputs: 65kW, 95kW and 130kW

Built with larger buildings in mind, up to 6 heat pumps can be centrally controlled - operating from an intelligent lead controller - to achieve the higher outputs needed for commercial installations.

These high-performance commercial heat pumps can be used alongside our full portfolio of commercial heating products to meet the growing needs of commercial buildings.

  • Made in the UK
  • Ultra-low global warming potential of 1 due to the use of R744 natural refrigerant
  • Monobloc air source heat pump
  • CO2Q - quiet low noise models available
  • Highly efficient with coefficient of performance (COP) rating
  • Single unit with the refrigeration cycle contained within the outdoor unit
  • Inverter controlled compressor to accurately match the heat demand
  • BIM models available
  • Suited to larger installations - can be installed in cascade or in back-to-back arrangement to achieve higher output
  • 2-year parts only warranty
  • Combine with Ideal industry leading boilers for a hybrid heating system
  • R744 Refrigerant Badge Blue R744 natural refrigerant
  • Cascade For Higher Output Cascade for higher output
  • Low Noise Badge Blue CO2Q Quiet low Noise
  • Properties Badge Suitable for Commercial Properties
  • Cop Badge Highly Efficient
  • Badge Com British Manufacturing BRITISH MANUFACTURING
  • Badge Com Bim BIM

Optional Kits

Optional kits available to order:

  • Master controller
  • DHW controller
  • Flexible hoses
  • Burst disc pressure relief kit
  • Exogel antifreeze kit
  • Anti-corrosion Blygold coating for installations near the sea

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