Energy efficient, space saving Evomod boilers heat one of the UK’s tallest buildings

A 47-storey mixed use skyscraper, Beetham Tower in Manchester had the distinction of being the tallest building outside of London for over a decade and remains today one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the World. Completed in 2006, Beetham Tower is home to the Hilton Hotel and private residential apartments.

The building had been heated by four gas fired pressure jet one piece boilers, with a total heat output of 4800kW, since its inception in October 2006.

With the boilers coming towards the end of their working lives (one of which had ceased to be operational), and with the building owners looking to improve energy efficiency, the decision was made to replace all four boilers rather than attempt on going repairs.

A well-established mechanical and electrical contractor based in Manchester, with over 40 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, Atmostherm was awarded the contract to replace the boilers at Beetham Tower. A long standing Ideal Heating – Commercial Products customer, Atmostherm chose the Evomod boiler.


Available in 250, 500, 750 and 1000kW outputs, the Evomod will achieve an output up to 1MW from a single unit solution together with a minimum footprint that enables the product to be installed where space is limited. Each module provides a maximum of 250kW heat output and will modulate down through a sophisticated control system.

Four Evomod 1000kW output boilers have been installed at Beetham Tower by Atmostherm, with Plate Heat Exchangers to achieve the appropriate pressure on the output in order to pump the hot water across the entire building.


With restricted access to the plant room and space limitations within it, the small size and modular nature of the Evomod boilers made locating and installation easier than expected. This aspect, plus the level of service and technical backup supplied by Ideal Heating were the deciding factors when deciding on boiler type, as Andy Payne, Atmostherm Project Director, comments: “The service from Ideal Heating has been brilliant from beginning to end. Paul Jones Ideal Heating Commercial Business Development Manager, was always available for questions, queries and advice. The team were available to come to site for visits when required and the commissioning process went very smoothly. They were also on hand to help us when it came to deciding to use the plate heat exchanger to achieve our desired output. There have been no issues with the boilers since installation.”

Atmostherm took advantage of Ideal Heating’s free commissioningservice on this project, which has been designed to save installers time and money, plus ensures the appliance is correctly commissioned and operating. Ideal Heating is the only manufacturer to offer a free of charge commissioning service and has done since its launch in 2018.

The newly installed Evomod boilers are now fully operational and are being used to carry out the heating across the entire building, including the residential apartments, and the Hilton Hotel and its health and fitness facilities.

Read the full case study here: Ideal Heating Commercial Beetham Tower Manchester Case Study

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