Stylish Setting for Ideal Commercial’s Evomax

When a listed building in Manchester city centre was undergoing an internal refurbishment to replace all the radiators and ancillary equipment, it could rely on Ideal Commercial’s Evomax to provide a solution.

Online fashion retailer Boohoo Group was set up in 2006 and has grown rapidly to over five million customers in the UK and internationally overall. Their headquarters has remained in the popular and historic Northern Quarter of Manchester throughout this time.

The heating system upgrade was part of an internal refurbishment of the whole site. An aim of the project was to achieve more flexibility from the heating system across the offices and photography studios housed in the eight buildings that made up the site. The property was built in the 19th century and is Grade II Listed.

Founded in 2005, Commercial Installations UK Ltd covers the north of England, providing plumbing and heating for blue chip companies. They were brought onto the project to provide a heating solution to last.

The space for the installation meant that the boilers chosen for the project needed to have a small footprint. The plant room location was in the basement of the building, so Evomax boilers were chosen for their small compact size in a cascade formation.

Paul Severn, Director, Commercial Installations UK Ltd said: “The installation process was tricky. We had six weeks to get the heating system from the old boiler system to the brand-new system, and a brand-new plant room completely refurbished.” Paul explains in more detail which boilers were chosen: “We chose Evomax boilers due to the plant room location as they were small enough and compact enough to make them work in the room without causing much distraction to other areas of the building.”

The previous boiler had an output of 500kW, and it was agreed that the heating solution would require extra power, therefore four Evomax 150kW boilers were installed, making a total of 600kW. The boilers were installed in-line with a Frame and Header Kit and a Low Loss Header. “We were hemmed in quite a bit as far as what we could and couldn’t do, everything was against us. We needed things to be onsite and on time ready for us to be installing. Every box was ticked, and with the full support of Ideal Commercial,” Paul explained.

Andy Goodwin, Facilities Manager for Boohoo Group, describes how the Evomax boilers improved overall: “The overall end user experience has been significantly better. In the winter we’ve got models shooting for swimwear for the summer, and in the summer, we’ve got models shooting fur coats for the following winter, so we need controllability. The Evomax boilers have been very good with that because they respond very quickly to the demand we place on them.”

“Ideal Commercial was the first port of call. I had confidence that they could provide us with a product that would do the job and also support us going forward in the future,” said Paul.

Commercial Installations UK Ltd has worked with Ideal Commercial for more than 10 years. Paul explains why he would recommend them to other contractors: “I would definitely recommend Ideal Commercial, there has been no other relationship with another boiler manufacturer like it, from the sales team, technical team, and their aftersales team. It’s not just a box that they’ve sold and forgotten about, and that puts confidence in the client. With one phone call to one person you can tick multiple boxes, which makes my life easier.”