Market-leading products when you need them

Did you know that Ideal Heating Commercial not only has the UK’s number 1 selling wall mounted commercial condensing boiler - EVOMAX 2 – but is also proud to have market leading availability across all our commercial heating products?  That’s because we are one of the few true British manufacturers left in the heating industry.  Our market-leading boilers are designed specifically for the UK, and are made in our state of the art manufacturing plant in Hull. 

British manufactured commercial boilers

The heating industry has faced widespread supply chain issues over recent years, and products made overseas are subject to ongoing challenges and delays.  That means your boiler may not be available when you need it, which is more than just inconvenient.  We understand that for installers time is money.  A delay in delivery of the boiler or commercial heat pump you have ordered means you can’t get proceed with the installation, plus you have to explain why to a potentially unsympathetic customer.  Ultimately, it impacts your cash flow and your future commercial heating projects which you may have to reschedule.  

Ideal Heating is better placed to deal with these industry-wide challenges than most other boiler manufacturers. That’s because we are a British manufacturer so we are quick to react to surges in demand.  During the turmoil of recent years, we have risen to the challenge and continued to provide commercial heating solutions when and where you need them; reliable products, reliably delivered! 

Market-leading availability of commercial heating solutions

What’s more, it’s not just our commercial condensing boilers and monobloc air source heat pumps that are readily available.  We also have market leading availability on our full range of ancillary parts and accessories, which have been designed to make the heating system installation quick and easy.  These include:

• Frame and header kits - standard or low height
• Hydraulic separation 
o    Low loss headers – traditional or magnetic 
o    Magnetic header kits 
o    Brazed plate heat exchangers for complete system separation 
• Insulation kits 
• Pumps 

So, when you order an Ideal Heating Commercial product, you can be sure of a speedy delivery, whether it’s a UK manufactured EVOMAX 2 wall mounted boiler, an ECOMOD monobloc air source heat pump, or even one of the many accessories or spare parts we hold in stock.

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