​ Ideal Commercial Boilers Offer a Helping Hand to a Student Accommodation in London

When a student accommodation site in London required a plant room redesign and relocation, Ideal Commercial Boilers were able to offer a heating solution.

iQ student accommodation Bankside London is one of the most sought after locations in London. Just a short distance from several universities and major landmarks such as Tate Modern, Borough Market and Shakespeare’s Globe, it is ideally situated.

iQ have been providing a home from home to students for more than 10 years. They offer accommodation for over 28,000 students across 66 sites in 27 towns and cities across the UK.

Cundall, a leading engineering company with almost 40 years experience, led this project.

Alex Zardis, engineer at Cundall said: “We were brought in on the site as design consultants to undertake the plant room redesign and the relocation from the roof to the basement.”

The project took 10 months to complete, from their initial meetings with the Ideal Commercial representatives, to the contractors product selection and finally the installation.

Alex explains why they chose Idea Commercial: “We chose to work with Ideal Commercial because we have a fantastic relationship with them. They have always provided us with fast and efficient advice, suggesting the right product for the correct application.”

The boiler picked for this installation was an Imax Xtra with a total output of 200kW. Alex continues: “The boiler was chosen because it has a high efficiency, compact design and has a reliable design for our projects in particular.”

Alex Wharton, senior engineer, said: “The leading point was the design of the CHP, which was to lead the heating and Imax Xtra boiler was to act as a top up when the CHP couldn’t produce enough energy. The pumps would then pump up to the roof into a low loss header which would then go and serve an underfloor heating system.”

Imax Xtra is a condensing commercial floor standing boiler that offers a range of outputs from 80 to 280kW and are suitable for single or multiple applications. Features include a high 5.1 turndown, inbuilt commissioning and fault diagnostics and up to 107.5% nett efficiency when fully condensing.

The whole process went smoothly without any problems. Alex Warton said: “Ideal Commercial have been really helpful throughout the design process, putting forward all the different units that can be selected and which ones are best for our application.”

Alex Zardis concluded: “I would recommend Ideal Commercial to other consultants because of their helpful service, friendly advice and great products.”