Ideal Evomax Boilers Offers a Warm Welcome for Guests at Branston Hall Hotel

Ideal Commercial has a wide range of condensing boilers and eco-friendly heating systems that provide heating and hot water to hotels, hospitals, schools and other commercial settings. So, when a Lincolnshire hotel required an emergency fix and replacement of their current hotel boilers, Ideal Commercial were able to offer an efficient heating solution to fit the short timeframe.

About Branston Hall Hotel

Branston Hall is a popular wedding venue in Lincolnshire, surrounded by 88 acres of typically English woodland and parkland. Built in 1885 for Sir Leslie Alexander Melville, the property was converted into a hotel in 1990. The former stately home has 53 bedrooms, a swimming pool, sauna and a hot tub.

Branston Hall Were in Need of an Emergency Heating Solution

Branston Hall needed an emergency fix to their boilers, so they called in Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd through a recommendation. Knowing that the heating solution would need to be resolved quickly, so no hotel guests were disturbed, it was crucial the installation was done in good time.

Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd cover a variety of installations across the country, varying from commercial, domestic and industrial plumbing and heating. Having had experience of installing Ideal Commercial boilers in the past, Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services knew our Evomax boilers were the best solution.

The Benefits of Evomax Commercial Boilers 

The boilers for this heating solution were three Evomax 100kW boilers. Andy from Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd explained: “We decided to fit the Evomax boilers on a Low Height Frame and Header kit because we were governed by the flue and where it could go.”

Evomax’s lightweight design can be supported by Frame and Header kits, which are available in lower heights to add further ease to installation. These kits offer in-line back-to-back options of up to six boilers that can create a combined capacity of up to 600kW. The Low Height Kits are a simple solution for any installation that has a challenging sized plant room. Several options are available to allow for varying outputs.

“The installation process went really well. The boilers were delivered on time and the application of the flue was a success. Everything was completed when it should have been,” said supervisor Andy Payne. Branston Hall contacted Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd after the installation to inform them that their gas bill had reduced, and the new boilers were producing more heat for less money.

How Ideal Commercial Helped Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd

Andy explained: “Ideal Commercial Boilers are very good with their technical support. If you ring the team, they will sort the problem out there and then. We have worked with Ideal Commercial for probably 25-30 years now. We have fitted everything from their Concords to their new Evomax boilers. It is a good British made product that we get no problems from,” Andy concluded.

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