INTRODUCING… …the Specification Team

Ideal Heating’s Commercial Specification Team have one important message they’d like to convey: Use us!  That’s not a sales pitch to use our products but, as Richard Brown, Head of Specification, says: “Collaboration is really important. We have invaluable knowledge covering the full range of commercial heating solutions and are able to apply that to assist engineers with finding the best heating solution for their project.  With the recent changes to Part L, which require improved energy efficiency and lower temperature heating system, the only way we’re going to achieve that is for the industry as a whole to start talking more.”

Richard has been with Ideal Heating Commercial from 2016, but has 25 years of industry experience, from flue design to hot water systems through to sales roles with several leading heating manufacturers.  Working in specification is where Richard has found his true calling: “It’s being able to help people with the knowledge we’ve acquired and being able to come up with the right solution that balances the heating needs of a specific project with reduced carbon emissions.  It’s a challenge for the engineer, but their challenge is our challenge.” 

As Head of Specification, Richard is responsible for the specification team which consists of Michael Fraser who covers the Midlands and newcomer Bryan Marland covering the South West and South Wales.

Also from a commercial flue background, Michael joined Ideal Heating in May 2020 as a Specification Sales Manager.  He likes nothing better than “meeting new consultants, receiving subsequent enquiries from them and then being able to offer support and assistance to enable them to select the most efficient products for their designs.”  Michael likes the challenge of what is a rapidly changing time for project design and considers he has the products to rise to that challenge: “Thankfully our product portfolio includes a wide range of quality innovative products for both heating and hot water, and with over 100 years under our belt as heating specialists, I am in a fortunate position when given the opportunity to discuss what we can offer from a specification perspective with new and existing clients.”

Having joined Ideal Heating commercial products one year ago, in June 2022, Bryan is the most recent addition to the Specification Team.  Bryan started his working life as an apprentice tool maker, but quickly found his skills and interests more suited to sales.  He has worked for both a water heater and a well known commercial boiler manufacturer before being joining Ideal Heating in a new specification role.  Commenting on his Specification Sales Manager position, Bryan says: “I like working with people, discussing new exciting projects with consultants, looking over existing plant rooms and assessing what’s needed for a refurbishment with contractors. It’s the interaction I enjoy and finding a solution for the customer. It’s made all the better with the new developments and commercial products Ideal are bringing to the market, as it keeps the discussions relevant and interesting.”

Contact the team

To get the very best heating solution for your specific project, contact the Ideal Heating Commercial Specification Team who can provide valuable design assistance to building services consultants and specifiers:

London and within the M25:

Richard Brown, 07718 192161, [email protected]

East & West Midlands

Michael Fraser, 07384 546488, [email protected]

South West & South Wales, M4 corridor

Bryan Marland, 07976 121132, [email protected]