INTRODUCING… Jason Allen, Commercial Product Manager

There’s very little Jason Allen doesn’t know when it comes to heat pumps.  Having worked in the heating industry for almost 20 years, Jason has specialised in heat pumps for the past decade, from sales through to business development and, since 2021, as our very own Commercial Product Manager for heat pumps.

In his role as Commercial Product Manager, Jason was fundamental to the launch of our ECOMOD monobloc air source heat pumps in 2022 and now provides invaluable technical support both internally through product training, and externally for customers.  He also regularly carries out commissioning and is the go-to person for problem solving. This is an aspect of his job he likes the best: “I love getting out on site, seeing new projects and meeting people.”  The installation we recently conducted at a school in Rhyl, North Wales with our new ECOMOD heat pumps was a good example of this.  “We worked closely with Denbighshire County Council over several months, eventually installing two 32kW ECOMOD heat pumps along with solar PV.  The council is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030 and has been assessing its properties for opportunities to move away from fossil fuel based heating as one of the means of achieving this. This project involved a range of people – customers and contractors – who were not familiar with heat pump technology , so we had a lot of involvement, including upskilling the installer.  It’s been a great success and it was excellent to work with people who are open to change and learning something new.”

This is something Jason feels strongly about: “Both installers and customers really need to stop being fearful of heat pumps and embrace the change that is taking place in the industry.  Boilers are not the only form of heating a property.  Decarbonised heating is the future and heat pumps have a major role to play in that.  Of course, we need better incentives to install heat pumps, as the initial cost is currently higher than a boiler, and the inflated electric tariff also doesn’t help too much.”

Jason has plenty of useful, practical advice to offer when it comes to heat pumps, but top of the list is system design: “A really common mistake is to size a heat pump the same way as you would a boiler.  Incorrect sizing of heat pumps, and misaligned temperatures when using heat pumps and boilers in a hybrid system, are problematic.”  The answer?  “Design, design, design!  Training and lots of planning is required.  Ultimately, if in doubt, ask us.  We are here to help.”  And with Jason’s passion for new heat pump projects, he can’t wait to get involved!

To get the very best solution for your commercial heat pump project, speak to Jason:

Jason Allen, Commercial Product Manager

07814 483791, [email protected]

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