Imax Xtra EL and Evomax Team Up to Provide a Heating and Water Solution for a Brand New School

When a redevelopment of a secondary school in Slough required a heating solution for two buildings, Ideal Commercial Boilers’ wall hung and floor standing ranges provided a heating solution

Ditton Park Academy school is a secondary school in Slough that has been redeveloped, allowing it to accommodate up to 1,100 pupils and staff.  

Lorne Stewart PLC were appointed to complete the mechanical and electrical works on this project. The redevelopment of the school consisted of a main building and a sports hall. Both of these building required a heating solution that would meet varied demand.

Lorne Stewart and Ideal Commercial have had a strong working relationship for a number of years, so when they were appointed for this project, they knew who they could rely on.

James Guy, project engineer at Lorne Stewart said: “We went to Ideal Commercial for the boilers on this project because we have used them for a long time, and their support has been second to none.”

For an installation of this size, with two separate buildings, the most appropriate heating solution was two different types of boilers.

“We used Imax Xtra EL and Evomax boilers on this particular project as there were some spatial constraints. Some of the plant rooms were a lot smaller than we expected them to be”, James explained.

An additional benefit Evomax can bring to installations in challenging plant rooms is that they can come with Frame and Header kits. They offer in-line and back-to-back cascade options of up to six boilers, which allows them to minimise their footprint. The additional benefits that come with Imax Xtra EL inlcude low NOx Class 6 performance and high efficiencies.

James added: “The sports hall consisted of two Evomax boilers, they came with a Frame and Header kit which was prefabricated off site. This made the installation much easier.” The total output produced by the Evomax boilers in the sports hall was 120kW.

Imax Xtra EL boilers were used in the main building as they brought many benefits to a project like this, “We selected to use Imax Xtra EL as there is a bigger load for the heating demand and hot water services in the main building. But also, it was down to the size of them and how we could fit them in. Additionally, they were selected based on their efficiencies, outputs and energy usage,” James explained.

The main building’s plant room was situated on the roof, so a crane was brought in to lift up the boilers for their installation.

James Guy had worked for Lorne Stewart for 12 years as a plumber, and this was his first project as a project engineer. He really valued the advice and support that his local Ideal Commercial Business Development Manager was able to offer.

“My contact at Ideal Commercial was always on call. When you are running a project, it is crucial to get the information you need in a timely manner. Ideal Commercial ticked all the right boxes for us”, James concluded.






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