Ideal Heating Commercial sponsors BSS Conference

Ideal Heating Commercial sponsored this year’s BSS Conference which was held at Wembley Stadium at the end of January.

Not only a regular sponsor of the conference, but Ideal Heating was also last year’s winner of the prestigious BSS ‘Business Initiative of the Year’ award. Ideal commercial heating solutions and products welcomed BSS customers and branch colleagues at the marketplace exhibition.

The exhibition stand reflected the theme of this year’s conference, sustainability, and featured the ECOMOD commercial heat pumps, as well as the POD HIU and other traditional plant room products.   

What is the ECOMOD and how is it sustainable?   

ECOMOD heat pumps help improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on natural gas within commercial buildings. Designed for larger installations, six outputs and seven models are available - 14kW, 14kW (single phase), 18kW, 26kW, 32kW, 50kW, and 70kW. These provide up to A++ Energy related Products (ErP) efficiency rating and high co-efficient of performance (COP) rating of up to 4.85. ECOMOD uses R32 refrigerant which ensures a low global warming potential (GWP) helping to make commerical heating solutions more eco-friendly and sustainable. The Ideal Heat pumps also include an inverter-controlled compressor that can control the building temperature based on specific requirements of the space, further enhancing the efficiency of a building.

Can ECOMOD be integrated with other commercial heating solutions?

Ideal ECOMOD heat pumps can be used alone or cascaded to meet the heating requirements of larger commercial buildings. They can also be installed alongside other Ideal heating solutions, such as the EVOMAX 2 and the IMAX XTRA 2 commercial condensing boilers, as well as POD Heat Interface Units, to build a low carbon hybrid heating system. 

“In the drive towards Net Zero by 2025, Ideal Heating has an important role to play in providing customers with increasingly decarbonised heating and hot water options” commented Darren Finley, Managing Director – Commercial Products “In order to make this transition a reality, we have developed some of the best and most advanced solutions, be that in our latest energy efficient condensing boilers or with our new range of commercial heat pumps. Our products are backed up by excellent technical resources and after sales support, so we can truly meet the needs and requirements of our customers.  We don’t just sell heating products; we provide customers with heating solutions.”

For more information see how heat pump technology can drive change in 2023 and beyond, or contact Ideal for commercial heating services here.