Ideal Heating Commercial Revives Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital with Imax Xtra 2

When Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital were experiencing problems with their existing boilers, they turned to Ideal Heating to provide a solution using the Imax Xtra 2 range of condensing boilers.  

The hospital is located Anlaby in the East Riding of Yorkshire and is part of the Spire Healthcare network, which offers a comprehensive range of private hospital services. 

Mike Finney, Engineering Services Manager, Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital, explained why new boilers were required: “We had issues with the control side of the existing boilers, these were letting us down. They were requiring continuous repair, failing and causing lockouts. We needed to upgrade to a system that provided constant reliability, as we run both the hospital’s heating and hot water by these boilers. So, collectively, they needed to be 100% fool proof.” 

He went on to explain why he chose Ideal Heating: “One of the main reasons why we chose Ideal Heating was the good support package we receive from them and the good working relationship we have had over the years. Supplying and supporting the hospital when we’ve had various breakdowns. The Imax Xtra 2 boilers fit the hospital’s bill ideally, by being able to supply both the heating and hot water constantly fulfilling our 24/7 demand.” 

Launched in 2021, the new Imax Xtra 2 range of condensing boilers is offered in six models with outputs from 80 to 280 kW. The floor standing boilers can be installed on their own or can easily be cascaded to up to 4 boilers, offering a total output of up to 1120kW. 

Spire contacted Airco to undertake the installation of the Imax Xtra 2. Established in 1991, Airco Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited is a is a leading multi-disciplinary building services company, employing more than 100 staff. 

Dan Latus, Commercial Heating Manager at Airco, explained more about the installation and why he chose Ideal products: “There was an issue with access, which meant we needed to use a crane to lift the boilers over the roof into the plant room at the hospital. We also had limited space, so as the Ideal boilers comes a nice neat unit, this made installation easier.” 

He continued: “The touchscreen controls are really easy to use and better than other boilers that we have recently installed. The upgrades where the condensate collectors, this will improve the life of the boilers. The header set also comes as one package, saving on installation time.” 

Mike Finney at Spire went onto to explain about some of the benefits of installing the Imax Xtra 2 and using the support network that Ideal Heating supplies: “Reliability is a key component for us, having a support network behind us which Ideal Heating provide. Maintenance of the boilers is simple. The touchscreen allows our engineers to identify any issue before engaging in any activities. Within Spire we have a drive to reduce our carbon footprint within each hospital. We believe these boilers will help drive our efficiency up by 50% on the gas side.” 

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