Got your back: A heat network partner for every project

While many heating engineers and installers will have worked on heat networks before and are familiar with the technology, we recognise that for others, they are completely new.

While half a million UK properties are already connected to heat networks, they tend to be concentrated in cities.

But heat networks are one of the big ideas being encouraged to cut carbon emissions, with dozens of new projects in development across the country as part of the drive to decarbonise the nation’s property stock.

Heat networks are here to stay. That means you need a Heating Interface Unit (HIU) that’s going to last the distance too.

And you need an experienced, reliable supplier who can make designing, installing and maintaining heat networks as easy as possible.

After all, heat networks represent a significant growth prospect for the industry in the coming years.

Empowering providers

With that in mind, we wanted to empower as many businesses as possible to make the most of the heat network opportunity.

That starts with helping specify the best equipment for the job according to each project’s operational parameters, including domestic heating and hot water loads, and what the primary energy requirements would be.

With our support, you can be reassured that the equipment you’re installing is correct and will function properly.

We also have a domestic design service, covering system design in the end users’ properties.

Moving to the installation phase, the Pod HIU has been designed to be very easy to install, with no specialist knowledge needed to fit the unit.

While the electrical aspects must be completed by a competent and appropriately qualified person, other than that, anyone with sufficient knowledge of plumbing systems can install a HIU.

After service is straightforward too.


The big picture

With so many HIU units on the market, from an array of (often overseas-based) suppliers, you can take confidence from the fact that Ideal Heating is a UK-based manufacturer with a network of 167 engineers operating up and down the country, day in, day out.

For the end user’s peace of mind, our UK-based customer team is on hand 365 days a year.

We hold stock of all our products and spares here in the UK and can get them to you quickly through our national distribution network.

With so many new entrants to the market, it can be tempting to let the initial unit purchase price drive your decision-making.

But it’s important to also think about the long-term cost of ownership, including after sales support.

We know your business and we’ve got the experience and scale to support you.

After all, we’ve been doing this for more than a century and we make more than 400,000 gas boilers every year.

So, when it comes to heat networks, it pays to looks at the bigger picture.

Get in touch to see how we can guide you through your next heat network project, from commissioning to conclusion.

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