Full range of commercial heat pump resources include new CIBSE accredited CPD

You can benefit from our new CIBSE accredited Heat Pumps – Technology and Principles CPD; the ‘Roadmap to Decarbonisation – Planning Your Journey’ white paper; plus a brochure on our own ECOMOD range of commercial heat pumps.

The new CIBSE accredited CPD introduces the technology and principles underpinning the mechanics and operation of heat pumps in commercial applications, such as thermodynamics, refrigerants, and efficiency.  It looks at the different types of heat pumps available, along with their strengths and weaknesses, and how these compare with traditional gas boilers and hybrid systems.  It helps installers and specifiers understand the importance of sizing heat pumps through correct specification, sizing and heat loss calculations.  Market drivers, such as industry bodies and regulations, are also addressed.  The hour long Heat Pumps – Technology and Principles CPD can be delivered online or in person, either at a customers’ premises or at one of our Centres of Excellence in Hull and Leeds. Visit CPD courses to book.

‘Roadmap to Decarbonisation – Planning Your Journey’ is our latest white paper and provides you with an overview of the Government’s net zero strategy in relation to heating and why heat pumps are fundamental to this.  It addresses the challenges faced in the journey to decarbonising heating, from public mistrust in heat pumps and the lack of trained installers, to comparatively high costs when compared to gas boilers.  The white paper puts forward three strategic steps to implement the transition to heat pump technology.  ‘Roadmap to Decarbonisation – Planning Your Journey’ is available to download from our Net Zero page.

If you’re already sold on heat pumps, then our ECOMOD commercial monobloc air source heat pump brochure is the next step.  It covers all seven models in the ECOMOD range in detail, including features and specifications of each, plus accessories and options, such as how to combine Ecomod heat pumps with Ideal’s commercial condensing boilers.  Information is supplied in short, easy to digest text, icons, graphs and diagrams, for maximum convenience.  Download a copy of the brochure from ECOMOD Heat Pumps

At Ideal Heating, we are by your side on the Journey to Net Zero.

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