Evomax Passes the Test at Frances Bardsley Academy

Frances Bardsley Academy is an all-girls school in Romford, providing education for girls aged eleven to eighteen for over one hundred years. The school was originally set up in 1906 as Romford County High by Frances Bardsley. In 1973, the school expanded and merged sites with another school and it was renamed in her honour.

Cowley Group are a family owned company that has been trading for more than 80 years. They specialise in the supply, installation and commissioning of commercial boilers in South East England.

The school appointed Cowley Group to assist with their heating, as one of their two boilers had failed. The situation left their only remaining boiler working at full capacity and heating the whole school on its own. The additional strain to the boiler would eventually affect the overall health and longevity of the boiler, meaning the existing system would need to be upgraded.

Cowley were able to complete their installation to the property without any disruption to the pupils and staff. As the previous installation had a flue for each of the boilers, making it possible to disconnect the broken boiler from the system and keep the remaining boiler running. Once the broken boiler was replaced, they were then able reconnect it to the system, and remove the remaining boiler for replacement, whilst maintaining heating to the school.

Curwen Gurr, from Cowley Group said: “The boilers chosen for this installation were Ideal Commercial Evomax 150kW boilers. Due to the shape of the plant room the heating solution is two banks of two wall hung boilers.”

Evomax’s lightweight design can be installed on either a wall or into a prefabricated floor mounted frame. The optional Frame and Header Kits offer in-line and back-to-back cascade options of up to 6 boilers, allowing varying outputs.

“This compact solution allowed us to change the boilers without any disturbance to the school and their pupils. In addition to this, Evomaxs are very efficient, meaning that the school’s gas bill will significantly reduce.” Curwen added.

As the new boilers were being connected to the existing heating system, it was important to consider the lasting health of the boilers. Curwen explained: “It is very important to not just assist with the installation, but to also take into consideration the future of the boilers.” Two Plate Heat Exchangers were installed along with the Evomax boilers. The Plate Heat Exchangers will help ensure that water used for the Evomax boilers would remain at its best quality, and prevent any dirty water running through them. Two were installed to ensure that the water was well treated, as they were connected onto the existing heating system which had a lot of the old pipework.

“The project ran smoothly and Cowley Group and Frances Bardsley Academy were very happy with the end result.” Curwen concluded.

Finished Plantroom