Bespoke Header Kits Offer a Solution for a Mixed Use Development

Ideal Commercial Boilers provided multiple Evomax boilers using a bespoke Frame and Header kit for a mixed use property. This offered a reliable, efficient heating solution for a challenging-sized boiler plant room with a small footprint. 

In this case study, we explain the benefits of using our bespoke cascade system to deliver a high output to match the varying demand of this new mixed-use development. 

A New Heating Solution For Peartree Business Centre

Peartree Business Centre is a mixed-use development based in Ferndown. Home to a range of offices, workshops and residential apartments, the business centre needed a heating solution to meet the varying demand of its residential and commercial units. 

The project required the installation of the plant room and distribution pipework for 13 commercial units and 30 apartments. When Norfolk Heating was commissioned for the project, they relied on Ideal Commercial Boilers to help find the solution. 

Norfolk Heating have worked with a range of domestic and commercial clients in Eastern England since 1963. The current owners, Joel Dryland and Kiya Mason, took over in 2015 and have established a strong working relationship with Ideal Commercial over a number of years. That meant they had full confidence in Ideal Commercial’s ability to deliver the right heating solution for Peartree Business Centre. 

Evomax Boilers Rise To The Challenge

Having worked with Ideal Commercial on previous installations, Norfolk Heating knew that Evomax condensing boilers - now discontinued in favour of the Evomax 2 - were the obvious solution.

Evomax has the ability to modulate to a 5:1 turndown as heat demands are reduced. This provided the perfect solution for this particular application, especially given the need to meet varying demands for commercial and residential properties.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Frame and Header Kit

The mixed-use property had a challenging-sized boiler plant room, which meant finding a boiler solution that could be installed in a tight space. 

To enable the Evomax to be fitted within the small footprint, a bespoke Ideal Evomax header kit was supplied by Ideal Commercial. At the time of installation, our typical Frame and Header kits offered in-line and back-to-back cascade options of up to six boilers with a combined capacity of up to 600kW, offering the ability to install multiple boilers to deliver a higher output. 

This bespoke header kit, however, enabled Norfolk Heating to install five boilers with a total output of 750kW, allowing the heating solution to meet the demand of the development. The bespoke header kit also resulted in a quicker and more cost-effective installation. 

Discussing the benefits of Evomax, Kiya Mason - co-owner of Norfolk Heating - said: “Their small footprint was what we needed to get the boilers into a very tight plant room. It took two engineers five weeks to carry out the work, installing five boilers with a total output of 750kW.”

Delivering Exceptional Service, Every Time

As always, the Ideal Commercial support team were on-hand throughout the process to ensure the installation went smoothly. As well as helping with the project onsite, the team provided additional technical phone support. We don’t just recommend a boiler solution and leave the installer to finish the job - we pride ourselves on assisting at every stage. 

On completion of the project, we commissioned the boilers as part of our free commissioning service. This included a series of checks to make sure the new boiler system was set up correctly, ensuring the heating system provides maximum efficiency. 

Kiya concluded: “The Ideal Commercial range, particularly the Evomax boilers, are great to install and service. We would certainly recommend Ideal Commercial to the industry.” 

Check out our case study videos to find out more about our work with new developments, offices, residential units, educational facilities and more. To learn more about how Evomax boilers and cascade kits can provide the perfect heating solution for your commercial property, visit our newsroom