A Warm Welcome for Evomax 2

Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Evomax 2 was able to provide a heating solution at Ullesthorpe Court Hotel, allowing for fewer boilers and a smaller footprint, due to the additional outputs in its LPG range.

Ullesthorpe Court Hotel and Golf Club is a Best Western Plus hotel, based near Lutterworth in the East Midlands. The 17th century manor house had a performed many roles in its near 300-year life, from being a farm in the 1800s, a hospital for soldiers during World War I, to its current role of a hotel from 1982.

Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd started in 1998 and cover a variety of installations across the county, varying from commercial, domestic and industrial plumbing and heating. They provide the plumbing services for the hotel.

“We have worked with Hinckley Plumbing since well before my time here. We trust them to advise and provide the best solutions for our problems”, explained Phil Baskerville, Maintenance Manager at the Court.

Phil continued: “The brief was to replace the boilers, as the previous ones were old and had come to the end of their life. They had started to cost money for servicing and repairs.”

Two Evomax 2 120kW boilers were installed in the plant room at Ullesthorpe Court Hotel. They were cascaded on one of Ideal Commercial’s Frame and Header kits along with a Low Loss Header to ensure added protection to the boilers.

Andrew Payne, Supervisor at Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd, explains why they selected Ideal Commercial’s Evomax 2 as their heating solution for this project: “We chose the new Evomax 2 because it has all of the newest technology from Ideal Commercial.”

Launched in October 2019, Evomax 2 has been designed to improve installation, maintenance and servicing. The range can easily be cascaded in-line or back-to-back offering a total output of 900kW in one cascade formation.

“The new Evomax 2 fits straight onto the old Evomax frames, so you can install without virtually changing any of the controls. All the pumps, motorised valves everything can be wired directly through the boiler, even down to the weather compensation, so saves a lot of time with the installation.” Andrew continued.

Included in the new design is an in-built nonreturn valve allowing for increased safety for common flue installations. The lift weight has also been reduced to up to 10% to aid installation, three sides of the chassis can be removed, offering ease for future service and maintenance. With the addition of 100kW and 120kW LPG outputs added to the range, where this particular installation benefitted from.

Andrew explained: “With it being a 120kW, which is a new output for the Evomax boilers, it is easier to range rate your boilers.” Phil said: “The footprint is a lot smaller, meaning there is now a lot more room around the boilers. We have been able to reduce the number of boilers from three to two, because of the much higher outputs. This means less servicing; less potential breakdowns and we have the capacity to run our demand on one boiler if we needed to.”

“We would recommend Ideal Commercial Boilers, especially Evomax 2, to other engineers. They are probably the best boilers I have ever fitted. If we need anything, they get it straight out to us, it is a very good company to work with,” Andrew concluded.

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