A Regal Seat for Evomax at Melbourne Hall

When a stately home in Derbyshire required an upgrade to their heating system, they enlisted the expertise of Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd and Ideal Commercial to install a solution.

Melbourne Hall is a Grade II* listed building in Derbyshire that was once the home of William Lamb, a former Victorian Prime Minister and 2nd Viscount Melbourne. The Hall dates back to the 12th Century and has been home to notable people, including Thomas Cromwell.

The Hall is now home to Lord and Lady Kerr, who have opened up the surrounding gardens to the general public. The grounds have over 20 Grade I listed features and some notable historical works such as The Birdcage, built from iron by Robert Bakewell in 1706.

Founded by current managing director Denis Johnson in 1998, Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd cover commercial, domestic and industrial plumbing and heating. Alan Staley, Building Contractors, who specialise in heritage buildings, appointed them to replace and upgrade the current boilers at Melbourne Hall before the winter months.

Denis explained: “I attended the site and had a look at the boilers. My recommendation was to have the boilers replaced. We were asked to do a design and a scheme. The scheme was approved, and we were given the order to replace the boilers.”

The project needed to be completed within four days, which involved the current boilers being replaced with brand new ones. Three Evomax 80kW boilers producing a combined output of 240kW were chosen.

“One of the reasons why we chose Evomax boilers is that they can be frame mounted. As the plant room is below ground, it would be difficult to install a traditional-type boiler in it,” Denis explained, “The fact that they are cascade boilers on frames makes them very easy to install. Additionally, the low weight of the boilers mean that they are very easy to get into position.”

“We’ve worked with Ideal Commercial now for over 30 years. We find them to be a very good company, and they are very helpful. We have a situation where they will actually come into our offices and help us design if we require it.” Denis explained. Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd do an estimated 20 Ideal (Domestic and Commercial) installations each week.

The engineers at Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd have also taken advantage of the free training courses Ideal Commercial offer. They have completed courses in boiler installation and maintenance. This had meant that they were able to pre-commission these boilers before Ideal Commercial came in and did the final commission as part of their Free Commissioning Service.

“I would recommend Ideal Commercial to any installer. We find them to be very good boilers, a very good company and we would highly recommend them,” Denis concluded.