Taking the Headache Out of Boiler Commissioning

Boiler commissioning is essential to get the most out of the investment of a new commercial boiler installation. It’s a vital stage in any commercial heating project to ensure optimum efficiency levels. Chris Caton, Commercial Product Manager at Ideal Commercial Boilers discusses the advantages of commissioning being undertaken by the boiler manufacturer, and why they’re the first in the market to offer it free of charge. 

The importance of commissioning 
As with any equipment, there is a need to complete a series of thorough checks to ensure everything is set up and working the way it should before it is put into service.

Not all of the commercial boilers that are in operation have been commissioned to manufacturer’s standards. This not only puts the customer’s investment at risk, it can also invalidate any warranty they may have with the boiler manufacturer. Whether it’s missed out to cut costs, or down to a simple lack of time, it’s not uncommon for it to be overlooked. As a responsible manufacturer, Ideal Commercial has taken a bold step in the market to offer this service free of charge, while also reducing the amount of input required by the contractor by making the process slick and simple. 

By having Ideal commission the boilers, boiler warranties are commenced and in some cases extended by up to a further  three years, giving the customer additional peace of mind. 

Making the process easy 
To ensure that applying for free commissioning is as simple as possible, there are only 4 steps to follow:

  1. The process starts with the customer installing Ideal Commercial boilers
  2. The customer completes the free commissioning offer request form online
  3. Ideal Commercial receive the request and confirm a commissioning appointment 
  4. An Ideal Commercial engineer completes the commissioning process

For more information on Ideal Commercial’s free commissioning offer, apply online by clicking here

This article first appeared in HVR magazine, February 2018.

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