Reputation Relies on Trusted Partnerships

Knowledge is key in our industry. As technology advances and the built environment transforms before our eyes, contractors and consultants in the commercial HVAC industry are required to know more and more every day. This means building owners and construction companies are reliant on their supply chain to provide up-to-date and relevant information that will ultimately make their building better than the next. We find that efficiency and emissions usually sit at the heart of this conversation with regards to commercial heating. That's according to Andy Forrest, National Sales Manager at Ideal Commercial Boilers

Recently, Ideal Commercial has launched Industry Trusted, a series of video case studies which highlight the importance of trust in our industry by showcasing projects. Trust is critical to contractors and consultants as ultimately your reputation rests on the expertise and reliability of the partners you work with.

Reputation is arguably a contractors’ greatest asset. The old saying goes, “a good reputation is more valuable than money”, and the role reputation plays on securing repeat business can’t be argued with.

We believe collaboration should sit at the heart of every project and each layer of the supply chain - manufacturers, merchants and contractors – plays its own role in getting the best out of a collaborative relationship.

Your supply chain can be, and should be, more than a supplier of the things you need. For example, the points listed below can all have a positive effect on the way you do business and, ultimately, the way you’re perceived in the industry. Your supply chain partners should:

  • Be your expert source of advice and information providing a combination product and industry knowledge. For example, when it comes to commercial heating, our customers rely on us for insight on topics such as NOx emissions and system efficiency, so we make sure all information is readily available when specifying a job.
  • They should also be able to think ahead and be able to help you navigate change, whether it be legislation, innovation or trends. If you are prepared for industry trends this will translate through to the projects you work on.
  • Be available when you need them. We understand that you may require support in a host of different ways, from face-to-face to downloadable content and we aim to have the right resources within easy reach. 
  • Problem solve with you. Strategic partnerships are about achieving success for all parties involved and so they should be thinking about the future with your own business success in mind. 

The Industry Trusted case study videos can be viewed by clicking here.

This article first appeared in HVR magazine, June 2018.