Light Commercial Considerations

The current uncertain political and economic times could lead heating contractors to look into alternative ways to grow their business. Light commercial applications can provide opportunities for those who are willing to refocus their business. This section of the market could be a great area for those who don’t want to rely solely on big commercial projects during these financially unsettling times. 

As result of great growth in our society, Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) projects a UK population of 77 million by 2050, light commercial projects are on the rise. The National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses reported an increase of 97,000 private sector businesses since 2015 and two million more since 2000. This mainly consists of nurseries, doctors’ surgeries, convenience stores and care homes, all with heating and hot water requirements.  

Specification considerations: Light commercial applications’ heating and hot water use tends to vary considerably, so it is important to get the specification right for the requirement. Ensuring the boilers’ outputs match system requirements is key to allowing the boilers to run at their optimum efficiency level. It can be the case to find boilers that have been over or under specified resulting in a boiler that is either over-worked or inefficient.

Consider the space: In many light commercial applications space is at a premium, compared to larger projects. It is important to consider boiler ranges that are suitable for smaller spaces. The Evomax range from Ideal Commercial Boilers, for example, is smaller than most and therefore a popular choice with our customers working on light commercial projects.

Training considerations: To get the most out of this move, we would always recommend installers of all experience levels are trained on the boilers they specify. After all, products are always evolving and there’s always something new to learn on best practice, so it’s important not to underestimate the value of training. Ideal Commercial Boilers offers free training courses on its models suitable for light commercial applications at locations across the country.

Light commercial installations can be key to winning more business. With the opportunities available, this is an area that should be explored further.

This article first appeared in HVR magazine, November 2017.