Ideal Commercial Boilers Triumph at Edinburgh Castle

Ideal Commercial Boilers has supplied two Imax Xtra floor standing condensing 120kW boilers to Edinburgh Castle, which have been installed to provide reliable, low cost heating and hot water for the army barracks situated adjacent to the castle.

Ideal Commercial’s Imax Xtra boilers generate heating and hot water for both the officers’ mess and the Governor’s private residence. The boiler installation was part of a refurbishment project that was unrolled to upgrade the heating systems within a number of buildings owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Historic Scotland, the organisation responsible for the conservation of Edinburgh Castle and its related buildings. This extensive project included the installation of various condensing, pressure jet and atmospheric models boilers from the Ideal Commercial range.

The new heating and hot water system at the army barracks was designed and installed by SPIE UK, the multi technical and support services provider, whose representatives worked with Charlie Newell from Ideal Commercial Boilers to identify which boilers could overcome the challenging access, flue and system design restrictions. 

The Imax Xtra floor standing condensing 120kW boilers were identified as the most suitable boilers for the task, not only because their condensing, fully modulating technology would greatly reduce fuel use and running costs, but also because the compact size of the boilers allowed them to be transported into the basement plant room with no modifications to the existing doorways – a vital consideration within any listed building. In addition, the boiler’s interior can be accessed via the sides and the top of the unit to ensure commissioning and future maintenance is straightforward even within limited plant room space.

Daniel Johnson, Mechanical Engineer at SPIE UK, explained, “There were various challenging aspects to this installation, not least because every decision had to comply with current standards and regulations relating to listed buildings. The flue issue was complex as the liner needed to be dropped down the chimney but with only limited access to the roof. In addition, the boiler had to fit the footprint left by the previous appliance and be compatible with the existing flue penetration through the wall, as any modifications in this area were not permitted.”

SPIE UK also had to deal with a number of access restrictions as a result of carrying out work within MOD and Historic Scotland premises.
Daniel added, “We found the backup and support provided by Ideal Commercial’s technical and sales departments to be outstanding, which was particularly beneficial on this very complex and challenging project with its unusually high number of installation restrictions. It ensured we were able to find workable, efficient solutions in every instance.”

Edinburgh Castle is still the most popular paid visitor attraction in Scotland, with over 1.4 million visitors in 2013. Historic Scotland undertakes the dual tasks of operating the castle as a commercially viable tourist attraction, while simultaneously bearing responsibility for conservation of the site. The castle continues to have a strong connection with the Army, and is one of the few ancient castles in Britain that still has a military garrison, albeit for largely ceremonial and administrative purposes.

Edinburgh Castle

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