Ideal Commercial Boilers Excel at Bricknell Primary School

Bricknell Primary School is the largest primary school in Hull with around 630 pupils on roll. Prior to the installation of the new Imax Xtra EL boilers, heating for the school  was generated by five standard efficiency boilers that were over 13 years old. Not only were the old boilers having to be run at full capacity throughout term time to meet the school’s heat demand, leading to high energy use and running costs, they had also begun to fail and required continual maintenance. The decision was made to upgrade the appliances with a far more reliable, low cost solution.

Barry Dray, Contracts Manager/Estimator at M Bielby Ltd, oversaw the project and worked closely with Steve Hass, Facilities Manager at Bricknell Primary School, to schedule the refurbishment work during the summer holidays to simplify installation and avoid disruption to pupils and staff. The Imax Xtra EL boilers were delivered directly from the Ideal Commercial Boilers manufacturing facility, located under a mile from the school. Barry commented, “The Imax Xtra EL boilers were delivered on a pallet and, due to their compact size and shape, were easy to manoeuvre up the ramp in the boiler house and onto the existing base. As they take up significantly less room than the old boilers, there is now plenty of space around each unit, making boiler access and maintenance much easier.”

The most challenging installation aspect faced by Barry and the team was the replacement of the old flue, as the flue exit point for the school’s plant room is via an existing chimney stack. To overcome this issue, a scaffolding rig was erected which enabled engineers to remove the old flue and replace it with a new condensing type flue system. Barry added, “Whenever we wanted to check a technical aspect relating to the boilers or the flue, Ideal Commercial Boilers were on site straight away. I couldn’t fault the technical back-up or service they provided.” Steve Hass affirmed, “We are delighted with the new boilers. As well as being very reliable they are also easy to programme, featuring a ‘holiday mode’ on the panel that we can use outside of term time which can be overridden simply by pushing a button if the school is occupied at any point during the holidays. Running costs have also been greatly reduced and by the end of the year we hope to have saved 1/3 on our heating bill compared to the previous boilers. This is a fantastic result.”

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The Imax Xtra EL floor standing condensing boiler range features a single heat exchanger and has been specially designed for commercial applications that require larger outputs in a compact package. Available in 320, 395, 470, 545 and 620kW outputs, all Imax Xtra models offer very low NOx Class 6 performance for maximum points on the BREEAM scale and extremely high efficiencies up to 109.8% part load at 30% output. This means that the 320kW and 396kW models are fully compliant with the Energy-related Product (ErP) Directive’s high efficiency requirements, which is applicable to boilers up to 400kW, whilst the models above are compliant with Building Regulations Part L2. Straightforward integration with 0-10v BMS systems is easy; together with volt-free contacts and alarm signals, there is a range of additional kits available for added control, including a modulating sequencer, plant room sensor, outside sensor and optional gateway adaptors to MODBUS, LONWORKS or BACNET.

Bricknell Primary School first opened its doors in 1933 and converted to academy status in October 2013 as part of an umbrella trust. The school is part of a partnership with 11 other local schools called the I.C.A. Schools’ Partnership. I.C.A. stands for ‘Innovation, Creativity, Aspiration’ and the partnership is committed to working collaboratively to share best practice and support, ensuring all schools achieve the best possible outcomes for their pupils.

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