Ideal Commercial Boilers are the Perfect Choice for Town And Country

Four 150kW Evomax boilers and a Frame and Header Kit from Ideal Commercial Boilers have been installed as part of a refurbishment project at Monson House, Kent, the head office for housing association Town & Country Housing. Selected for their compact size, ease of installation and high efficiency, the Evomax boilers are also extremely straightforward to operate, ensuring optimised heating control within the building.

Town & Country Housing provides more than 9,000 affordable homes in 22 local authority areas in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London and is committed to achieving the best standards for sustainability in all areas of the business in line with their Environmental Strategy and Action Plan. The company approached Gas Advisory Serves (GAS) Limited to draw up the building specification for the refurbishment project, as they knew that the extensive expertise of the company would ensure the highest quality, most efficient appliances possible would be specified for Monson House.

Steve Roberts, Commercial Heating Director at GAS, commented, “The list of specification requirements for the new boilers included high efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and excellent back-up support from the manufacturer. The location of the rooftop plant room also presented its own challenges, not only in terms of transporting the boilers to the top of the four storey building but also because the boiler siting area within the plant room was very restricted. The 150kW Evomax boilers and Frame & Header Kit met all the required criteria.”

The refurbishment works were carried out by Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Engineers MEH Facilities Ltd. Ideal Commercial Boilers delivered the four Evomax boilers on a Frame & Header Kit, which includes individual shunt pumps, single balance headers, safety and isolating valves and a drain point, all prefabricated in sections and ready to install. Due to the layout of the plant room at Monson House, an in-line boiler formation was required as opposed to back-to-back. Ron Theobald, Chief Executive Officer at MEH Facilities Ltd who headed up the boiler installation on site, reported that the use of the pre-fabricated Frame and Header Kit reduced installation time significantly from delivery through to the pre-commissioning stage.

Ron affirmed, “As well as making installation quicker, the Frame and Headers Kits were easily manoeuvred into position as the different components, including the Evomax boilers themselves, were light and compact enough to be transported through the corridors in Monson House and via the lift. Once everything was in the plant room, we assembled the Kit and the boilers, which was incredibly straightforward even in the cramped space, and made for a quick and satisfying installation.”

The final installation task involved connecting the boiler to the new Building Management System (BMS), which MEH Facilities Ltd had installed to replace the old antiquated system. The upgraded BMS incorporates a new circuit, greatly enhancing control of the heating and ventilating systems within the building. Connection to the new BMS was made easier due to the 0-10V boiler control input, which is a standard feature of the Evomax boiler range.

Ron added, “The Evomax boilers and Frame and Header Kit answered all our requirements for this project, combining some of the highest boiler efficiencies available on the market with a quick and easy installation solution that minimised downtime, which pleased the client. The technical back-up from Ideal Commercial has also been extremely good throughout the project. The main benefit for the end user is trouble-free boiler operation that’s also easy to control, ensuring the high efficiency potential of the boilers can be optimised.”

With seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.2%, exceeding those stipulated in Part L2 of the Building Regulations, and with a wide output modulation of 5:1, Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Evomax range delivers impressive energy savings. This market-leading performance combines with low NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh to offer a boiler solution that also qualifies for maximum BREEAM points. In addition, the high efficiency of the Evomax qualifies it for inclusion on the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL), making these boilers eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

Enhancing the efficiency of the Evomax range still further is a comprehensive system of control options, which enable numerous operating parameters to be pre-set for both individual boiler and cascade installations. These include a modulating sequencer, room sensor, programmable room thermostat, outside sensor, tank sensor, safety interlock and pump kits. It is also easy to integrate each boiler with an existing BMS system via a 0-10V boiler control input.

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