Availability of Non-Condensing Blown Gas and Pressure Jet Oil Boilers With Outputs Less Than 400kW

In September 2015, ErP regulation was implemented.  As part of this, regulation concerning an end to the manufacturer of Blown Gas and Pressure Jet Oil boiler bodies under 400kW was included.  With the guidance we had available to us in August 2017, we announced that a number of boiler bodies would not be available after 31 December 2017.

Following the latest guidance from the European Commission, the position of Ideal Commercial Boilers is that non-condensing pressure jet boiler bodies with outputs less than 400kW CAN continue to be manufactured and placed on the market where:

  • It is for the replacement of an identical product
  • The boiler to be replaced was installed before 1 January 2018
  • The existing burner is to be used

Further details regarding the update to ErP regulation (EU) 2015/1187 & 1189 with regard to Energy Labelling and EcoDesign requirements can be found in the European Commission guidance notes FAQ 55; click here to view the document.

These boiler bodies will now become available again:


  • Falcon GTS4 Special, product number 203171
  • Falcon GTS5 Special, product number 203178
  • Falcon GTS6 Special, product number 203185
  • Falcon GTS7 Special, product number 203192
  • Falcon GTS8 Special, product number 203205


  • Harrier GTS5, product number 203820
  • Harrier GTS6, product number 203833
  • Harrier GTS7, product number 203846
  • Harrier GTS8, product number 203858
  • Harrier GTS9, product number 203869


  • Viceroy GTS8, product number 203879

Vanguard L:

  • Vanguard L 340, product number 158992
Non Er P Compliant Pressure Jets