33 Year Long Relationship is Still Going Strong With Integral UK Ltd and Ideal Commercial Boilers

Continued collaborative working with Integral UK Ltd and Ideal Commercial Boilers ensures that Highbury Theatre continues to have heat and hot running water for another 30 years.

Highbury first opened in 1942 in Sutton Coldfield, founded by John English OBE, a well known theatre director and entrepreneur from Birmingham. Highbury hosts a variety of different activities which include performances from the local community.

The relationship between Highbury, Integral and Ideal Commercial began in 1986, with the installation of Concord CX boilers. Over 30 years later, the boilers required an upgrade. Since the boilers proved to be reliable for the original installation, using up-to-date boilers from Ideal Commercial as replacements was the obvious choice.

Two Evomax boilers with a total output of 120kW were installed in the plant room, using a Frame and Header kit with a low loss header. John Pick, Special Projects Manager at Integral said: “With multiple boiler situations like this, the pre-fabricated frames and low loss header kits are essential. This way saves an awful lot of time and money when installing. They can be built and serviced very easily, but the main attributes are the efficiency and reliability.”

A bespoke header kit was supplied by Ideal Commercial for this project, resulting in a quicker and more cost-effective solution for this installation. Without the bespoke header kit this project would not have happened.

Integral installed the new plant room for this installation which was located outside of Highbury, with the pipework running through to it. To enable an installation of this kind to be more efficient, the heating was put into zones. This would allow parts of the building to be heated and other parts not, for example if the auditorium did not need to be heated the heating could be adjusted to accommodate this.   

The prefabricated kits for this project helped with an installation of this type and resulted in saving two days on the job for the engineers.  

“The support we received from Ideal Commercial was very good”, said John Pick, Special Projects Manager at Integral. “All we needed to do was make a phone call. If you want a specification, they would come and meet you for this.”

After the installation was completed the facilities manager at Highbury contacted Integral to explain that their gas bill had reduced dramatically, John knows that this was a direct result of the technology of the Evomax boilers.

Ideal Commercial is industry trusted, explained John: “I have been working with Ideal Commercial for 33 years, and I have always had faith in their boilers. I pass this onto my clients wherever possible.”

Michael Watton, gas installer for Integral added: “I would recommend Ideal Commercial because the quality of products is fantastic, it’s British made and the technical support is brilliant.”