Cleaner Heat Cashback

On 30 July 2018, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced Cleaner Heat Cashback, a scheme designed to improve air quality, make London's workplaces more efficient and cut emissions.

What is it?

A £10m scheme that will offer cashback to SMEs replacing older, working boilers with new, cleaner heating systems.

Who is eligible?

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in commercial premises in London where the heating system has a minimum output of 70kW.

How much cashback can be claimed?

Up to 35% of the total heating system replacement cost can be claimed when mains gas or LPG boilers are used, depending on where the premises are located.

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For more information on Cleaner Heat Cashback, including full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, please visit the Mayor of London website.

Com Hero Temp

Ideal Commercial have a range of boilers and HIUs that can be eligible for Cleaner Heat Cashback. To find out more, click here to send us an email with your question.

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